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Butt Naked

Butt Naked - Coconut & Lemon Body Scrub 250g

Butt Naked - Coconut & Lemon Body Scrub 250g

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It's a summer-lovin' exfoliating scrub that will have your skin feeling smooth, super fresh and glowing like you just stepped off the sandy shore. 

Helps with

Dry, cracked skin 

Exfoliation level

Light and Breezy - ideal for sensitive skin.


Coconut Oil

Perfect for ultra-hydration and protecting your skin. Rich in lipids and fatty acids, it forms a protective barrier to keep natural moisture in and dryness out, while its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties help to keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated.

Australian owned/grown in Timor Leste

Grapeseed Oil

An antioxidant superhero that fights the good fight against free radicals! Linoleic acid and vitamin E give it the power to help your skin repair itself and heal faster than a speeding bullet!
Origin: Italy

Sugar Cane

A natural glycolic acid (AHA) powerhouse – ditching those dead skin layers and keeping your skin hydrated and conditioned. With added moisture and hydration, your skin will feel hydrated, nourished and revitalised.

We use certified organic and fair trade sugar cane sourced from Sao Paulo that is manufactured on self-sufficient mills that are run through the energy burnt by sugarcane bagasse, making it carbon neutral.
Origin: Brazil

Lemon Oil

This zesty little citrus will give you a clean, refreshing boost with its protective properties, like antioxidants that brighten and preserve your skin tone. Lemon's freshness will work its magic on your complexion—you'll be glowing in no time!
Origin: Italy + Argentina

Full ingredient list: *Sucrose, Virgin Cocos Nucifera Coconut, C.Limon Lemon, Vitis Vinifera Grapeseed. *Certified organic


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